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Open Wounds 1915 Story Tina Chuldzh

Story by: @tina_chuldzh

“My connection to the cause goes back to my great grandmother. During the Genocide of 1915, my great grandmother and her family were lined up in a row on the street by the soldiers of the Ottoman Empire to be killed on site. A Turkish woman saw my 15 year old grandmother and pulled her from the row of people being executed and told the soldiers, “this is my daughter, she is not Armenian, she is a Turk” the soldiers who were confused allowed the women to keep her “daughter” from being killed. She watched the execution of her whole family, and was told by the Turkish woman later that day, that from today on you cannot speak Armenian only Turkish so they will not kill you. By the time she was 18, they were worried that someone would find out she was Armenian, so they sent my great grandma to Greece to a small community of Armenian refugees who fled the country to survive the atrocities of the Genocide. I never had a chance to meet my great grandma. Her story lives through my blood, her pain is mine to bear, and it is in my soul to fight for justice. I represent for her, the millions who lost their lives, & the ones who survived to continue our bloodline. I am proud of my heritage I am proud to be #Armenian

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