What's Kim Kardashian West's favorite thing about quaranitine? What did Kim Kardashian write about the Armenian Genocide?

Kim Kardashian West took to her Instagram and asked fans to let her know: “What’s your favorite thing about quarantine?”. Over fifteen thousand fans responded including many celebrities, but Kim’s own response isn’t surprising. She also posted a graphic tribute to the Armenian Genocide which she describes as her ancestors.

Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Thing About Quarantine

Kim revealed that her favorite thing is to “hang with my babies 24/7”, a sentiment many of her fans echo in the comments as well. Her sister Khloe Kardashian responds to the post with an awww message: “You two are my favorite thing” she added. “Mine is being able to work on the house and finish it”, comments model Janice Joostema and so it goes on and on. In her Instagram stories however the supermodel and mother of four posted a tribute about the tragic historic event – the Armenian genocide

Kardashian Pays Tribute To Armenian Genocide

“These are my ancestors… that were starved, raped and slaughtered” Kim proclaims on a very graphic photo of human corpses. She posts a map of the world and points to the small country of Armenia. Kim starts by saying: “In April 24, 1915 the Armenian genocide began” which is the conventional beginning date of the historical tragedy.

Kim Kardashian’s Armenian Background

Kardashian is very proud about her Armenian ancestry which she has expressed many times. She does not speak Armenian. … In 2015, Kim traveled to Armenia with her husband Kanye West, her sister Khloé, and her daughter North to visit the Armenian Genocide memorial in Yerevan.

The Armenian Genocide

The Armenian Genocide according to Britannica was the “systematic mass extermination and expulsion of 1.5 million ethnic Armenians. The genocide was carried out by the Ottoman Empire from 1914 to 1923.” The article concludes that “Most Armenian diaspora communities around the world came into being as a direct result of the genocide.”